Affecting Spiritual Realities through Fasting and Prayer

How can we attract God to work more in our lives? In this video (28:29), Pastor Jentezen Franklin preaches the biblical message that fasting and prayer is one important way to get God’s attention and impact spiritual realities.

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  • Omang Emma Omang
    commented 2019-01-08 14:06:58 -0500
    I Thank The Lord That I Am Privileged To Hear This Timely Truth. God Help Me And My Fellow Brothers And Sisters In Christ To Follow The Lord As One Called To Walk Along Side Us. Amen
  • Bill Seeber
    commented 2019-01-08 12:43:02 -0500
    This is amazing teaching. I find this in my life as well. My relationship with Christ does not end at acceptance. It does not end at Praise. Worship does not end at prayer. These things introduce us to Christ and are essential, but since His creation in us is Mind Body and Soul, we have more to this relationship. We stay close to our friend in Jesus if we actively Know Him, Love Him, and Serve Him. The Service is a fruit of the Love. This service should be definite and heroic because He was definite and heroic in His service to the Father. As we Obey and Serve, we put on Christ and bring Christ to those around us. Christ had many examples in His life. He fasted for 40 days which we share in Lent. He feeds the Hungry which we are called to around the world. He healed the sick which we attend to in creating Hospitals and caring for the sick around us and in the missions. We are called to be praying for those in need and our enemies. We are called to Visit the sick and those in prison. We are called to instruct the ignorant and in that bring more souls to Christ. We are called to all the Corporal Works of Mercy as well as the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Our life in Christ, our relationship with Him, comes with these activities which we do With Him, In Him, and For Him. We grow in our relationship through these actions because he wants to be in a real full relationship with us. He gave us the Bread of Life that we might live life more fully. Not so that we can see him in the Gospel, but so that we may DO. So that we may partake of His Life and live it. That we might be active brothers, and therefore Sons of God. This is such a joyful service of love that we should long for the service, and blossom as Christians so beautifully that Christ in us becomes contagiously attractive, bringing others to Christ. It is not for me or you and ego. It is for Life and Christ, and only a blessing from Christ and a Joy of no compare that we long to share with everyone, even our enemies. As we seek the week to pray for and serve, we will find the loving sacrifice that will fuel our love for Christ in our lives which brings us to the well of Grace. This becomes our Worship in Song and Dance in the world for the salvation of Souls. Christ says I Thirst.

    Blessings to all my brothers and Sisters in Christ who have read this far. In Christ I love each of you. I pray that He fuels you in your prayer and service of Him. Amen.
  • Frances Perez
    commented 2019-01-08 09:47:42 -0500
    Great message.
  • Laura Keohan
    commented 2019-01-08 06:22:43 -0500
    This is an awesome message for every Christian
    Physical obedience translates to spiritual breakthrough and VICTORY.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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