CU Fire April 2022 Testimonies

CU Fire continues to serve as a powerful means of God's grace.

April 1-2, 2022, 18 small groups joined together to seek the Lord in prayer, fasting, repentance, Bible study, and fellowship. God was faithful to draw near to those who drew near to Him (James 4:8)! Here are just a portion of the testimonies from the retreat.


This whole concept is brilliant. The teaching was so rich and transforming. And the prayer session was probably the most amazing experience of my whole life time🙏🙏🙏 I’m new to CU. But have been a follower of Christ my whole life. And involved in ministry. A lot to process. God bless you! 

Wow. The Holy Spirit continues to ricochet around in me because of the last 24 hours with CU Fire! 

The messages were incredibly powerful from Chuck's message on the revival of repentance , Dr Brown's message on revival, Wolfgang's message on prayer is power, and Matt's fresh message on the importance of spiritual retreats. I have gone over my notes once already and plan to listen to my prophetic word again today. So so good! 

Before the retreat I had felt heart pain and during scripture reading I experienced healing, being flooded with a warm hot honey in my chest that brought healing. While Reading 2 Sam the Lord highlighted especially the role of Saul and Absalom and revealed that the spiritual root for the physical issue was betrayal as in these stories from David’s life. I felt a powerful rush of His Spirit come upon me and bring healing. PTL!!! 

A group of 11 friends came together. The fellowship was really sweet, whether it was prayer time for one another, group prayer, listening to messages, reading time, or the meal time it was really good deposits on a relational basis. 

THANK  YOU CU to EACH of you that made this happen! Bless you!💖 P.S. Would love to do this in the fall--- any chance it could be 3-4 days??

The fact that everybody hung around for an hour after it was completed is evidence that the Holy Spirit was lingering with us too. We just hung out and talked, processed, and enjoyed furthering the presence of the Lord! It was really really sweet. 

It was such a blessing to be a part of this retreat. The Lord comforted, encouraged, strengthened, instructed and inspired us! 

The Lord spoke and confirmed so clearly through the time of prayer, worship, prophecy, scripture reading and teaching. PTL! 

I so appreciated the gift of friendship, the gift of repentance, the gift of prayer, the gift of Biblical teaching and the Bible itself, and the gift of salvation. God is so good and what a weekend this has been 🥰

Thank you very much for the invitation to CU Fire! What a powerful experience! I wanted to let you know I felt called by the Holy Spirit to become a Cornerstone partner for the NY Chapter and signed up today. 

Such a lovely conference - Festival!

I so appreciate Chuck and Matt for the work they are doing to call the church to revival with expectation of a spiritual awakening. I so appreciate the work you’re doing in the Ivy League schools. Press on my dear brothers!

Our group ended the last night with a powerful time of HS filled prayer and laying on of hands. People opened up and repented and revealed their hearts. There was such a loving and gentle spirit present and each person got a word and encouragement with some prophecy. 

 We were edified and delighted by the outcome and the way the Lord showed up. 

Thank you! May this movement grow and may we be revived and glorify God!!!

Christian Union Fire helped light a fire in my heart for God. I'm more serious with God.

As I was fighting burnout at work during this season I feel God has renewed my spirit and recharged me through prayers with other believers. I am prayed up to continue to run the race and to be his light.

In the future, I will be making retreats an intentional part of devotion!

God heavily (but lovingly) convicted me of the need to seek in Him in repentance. I was greatly encouraged by the video of the Columbian believers. I see what God will do with a humble heart.

This weekend significantly encouraged me in my relationship with Jesus and challenged me to go farther in my relationship with others.

I've had amazing experiences at both of the CU Fires I've attended.


Thank You, Lord, for all you did. Strengthen Your people to seek You and Your righteousness first so that we can more ably glorify Your great name!

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