Denouncing Racism

Christian Union denounces in the strongest terms the brutal killing of George Floyd. This and other recent events show that the human heart is desperately sick and in need of redemption. This is a time of great sadness and should be a time of repentance, humility and the pursuit of Christian unity in our nation.

From its founding, Christian Union has affirmed in its statement of ethics that racism cannot be tolerated in any form. God has made all men and women in His image and of equal worth and value. All are precious in His sight and deserving of respect and honor. All vengeful attacks are also denounced and the ministry rejects the worldly mindset that revenge is ever justified.

God has destroyed the wall of hostility between races through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through His death and resurrection, God has brought not just Jew and Gentile together, but all races. The gospel of Jesus Christ has been and is the greatest cross-cultural unifying force in history. While many seek to sow division, cast blame, oppress others, dismiss entire populations, and exalt themselves, Jesus Christ came to bring unity, justice, care for the outcast, compassion, and the expectation that humanity should submit to His authority and His ways. 

America needs God, and He will heal our land as we humble ourselves, fast, pray, repent, and turn from our worldly ways. May this heartbreak and social unrest, as well as the ongoing worldwide pestilence, move us to focus on God and restore a fear of Him in every heart. God is always willing to bless us and heal us as we turn to Him.

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  • Rev. Timothy J Mercaldo
    commented 2020-06-05 14:56:13 -0400
    Thank you, Matt for your leadership and Christian Union’s statement. I fully endorse this as a born-again believer for over 50 years and a minister of the Gospel for over 30 years. I commit to joining you in prayer, fasting and advocating for biblically-centered justice, mercy and love. Let’s keep the dialogue open respecting each other in the spirit of Christ , recognizing the Image of God in all persons, even those that may act toward us in enmity. Let’s love ALL without exception with the “agape” love that only God can give us foe each other.
    Rev. Timothy J Mercaldo

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