Forgiveness and Revival

When we talk about seeking God for more of His presence and power, we quickly think about prayer, fasting, and repentance, which are all necessary. It is easy to overlook the area of forgiveness. Bill Elliff points out the importance of forgiveness and revival in this article, Forgiveness: The First Fruit of Revival.

God desires His children to live forgiven and to extend forgiveness. This counter-cultural trait is liberating for the believer, and it is one of our most compelling witnesses to a watching world.

The miraculous reality of forgiveness is taught from Genesis to Revelation. In fact, you could say the whole Bible is about this glorious theme.

Forgiveness is both a path on which revival enters and a fruit which revival brings.

In Matthew 18, Jesus tells the familiar story of a king who forgave his servant, and the servant who was unwilling to forgive his debtor. He told us this to prepare us, because everyone will be hurt by others. And there are multiple forgiveness truths in this story that shout to us—truths we must learn.

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