Offer your fervent prayers for Momentum: Christian Union’s leadership meetings taking place Monday, January 3 – Friday, January 7, 2022. 

In order to see a great work of God in our day, it takes the whole body of Christ earnestly seeking God, but it especially requires vocational Christian ministers to lead the way and be full of God’s Spirit themselves. 

Our nation has a tremendous heritage of national revivals and awakenings that were led by these kinds of Christian ministers. Jonathan Edwards, one of the primary leaders of the First Great Awakening of 1720s-30s, wrote and urged ministers accordingly:

The state of the times extremely requires a fullness of the divine Spirit in ministers, and we ought to give ourselves no rest till we have obtained it. And in order to [do] this, I should think ministers, above all persons, ought to be much in secret prayer and fasting, and also much in praying and fasting one with another. It seems to me it would be becoming the circumstances of the present day, if ministers in a neighborhood would often meet together and spend days in fasting and fervent prayer among themselves, earnestly seeking for those extraordinary supplies of divine grace from heaven, that we need at this day.
(from Some Thoughts concerning the Revival)

Ministers need to be full of the Spirit, and that requires prayer and fasting individually and with other ministers for days at a time. This is exactly what we need today and it is exactly what CU’s faculty and executive team will be doing at Momentum for five days. We will immerse ourselves in God through lots of prayer, fasting, worship, Bible reading, teaching, and fellowship. 

Please pray that God will prepare each person with eagerness and yieldedness as we meet together. 

Pray for a spirit of camaraderie and unity. 

Pray that the Holy Spirit will meet us and fill each person with greater power for ministry so that Christ would be glorified. 

Pray that every church and ministry in America would earnestly seek God in ways like this and so be filled with His Spirit to meet the needs of our time.

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