Heroes of Fasting - Day 2

Greetings on this second day of our 10-day fast! Here is today's "Heroes of Fasting" video (2:56), from Dimas Salaberrios, author of Street God.

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One of my favorite spiritual disciplines is the discipline of fasting and prayer. I wish we'd see a whole lot more of it, but I'm so excited that by watching this video, I pray that you'd be inspired to join in with Christian Union for a time of fasting and prayer. Let me tell you, one of my greatest heroes in the Bible is Moses. And the Bible says in Exodus 34, verse 28, "So he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights. He neither ate bread nor drank water."

Now if you talk to doctors today they would say “How could that be?”. I mean, to go without food and water for forty days and be alive. It would be very difficult to see this happen, but I want to tell you that in the presence of God, all things can be done. I have seen God show up in such powerful ways through fasting and prayer. I remember one time right here in New York City, the churches were going to be ousted by the most powerful mayor. The richest mayor in the history of the United States was going to kick the churches out of the schools. And it almost looked like we were these little churches of David fighting this giant Goliath.

So, some people went on forty days of fasting and prayer. Some people fasted for twenty-two days, ten days, three days. It was absolutely amazing, and we saw God show up. Somehow, I can't explain, we won the victory. Churches were united in prayer and we won the victory, and the churches continue to meet today. I mean, I have done a forty day ... I did a forty day fast one time in my life. My wife, I know she's done it about twice. She really seeks God in that area of fasting and prayer. I know a gentleman who fasts every year. God does these amazing things when we trust Him like this.

I'm so reminded in this text, it said Moses’ face was shining when he left and went down to see other people. So, I want to encourage you, believe God for great things. Let Him set your year right on course, during this season of fasting and prayer, and believe God to show up in your life. Do this spiritual discipline, and watch God show up. God bless you. Keep looking up, and keep Christ number one.

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