Every spiritual awakening and revival has been preceded by increasing prayer. If we desire God’s greater grace in the US, then let us become a people powerful and steadfast in prayer.

Prayer is something that we can grow in.  Even though it is true that anyone can pray without any training and God loves childlike faith, still, the disciples asked Jesus, 

Lord, teach us to pray.  – Luke 11:1

The disciples knew that their prayers were acceptable. But they didn’t want to be merely sufficient in prayer, they wanted to be excellent in prayer. They wanted to be like their Master, who would pray all night at times and have such close relationship with the Father that whatever He asked, He received. The disciples saw that the power of Jesus' life flowed from His times of prayer with the Father.

We, as His disciples today, should be asking Jesus the same question. We should want to deepen our relationship with the Father through regular and extended times with Him. If we want to live like Jesus in this world today, then we must cultivate a life of prayer like Jesus, and that means we must learn how to develop more time and greater effectiveness in prayer.

There is much to learn in the school of prayer, and Chrisitan Union Day and Night has many resources to help you in your development. I will refer you to just one of our most important and most searched for articles, Does the Bible Say How Much I Should Pray? May the Lord help us and may we apply ourselves to pray and not lose heart. 

Father, prayer is an amazing gift. Thank You that we have free access to You through Jesus. Forgive us for taking prayer for granted. Forgive us for not wanting to spend more time with You and grow in prayer as our Savior modeled. Take us to new places in our relationship with You, and do this same work in the lives of my brothers and sisters around this nation, that we might experience outpourings of Your grace as we all draw near to You. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!

With you in Christ,
Chuck Hetzler, Ph.D.
Director, Christian Union Day and Night

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