Pray for Vocational Christian Leaders

But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.
— Acts 6:4

To see sustained Christian renewal in any place, it takes the focus and dedication of full-time Christian leaders. Whatever our pastors and ministers model and teach is what the rest of the body of Christ looks like. So be praying for America’s vocational Christian ministers to prioritize drawing near to God, being full of the Spirit, and leading their churches, staff, and ministries to do the same. 

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CU Day and Night has two primary audiences – vocational Christian leaders in America and lay Christians across America. Little by little, CU Day and Night has been talking with vocational leaders and seeking God in prayer to determine the best way to support vocational Christian leaders to prioritize “prayer and the ministry of the word.” Praise God for the progress thus far.

As you pray for your own local pastors and full-time Christian ministers, pray for CU Day and Night’s ministry among these leaders as well. Your prayers accomplish so much in the unseen realms and lend spiritual power to these efforts to enliven vocational Christian leaders in the things of God. 

Let’s all pray for a return to book of Acts as it pertains to church leadership. The apostles would not compromise their commitment to prayer and study and teaching of the Scriptures. This devotion at the highest levels of leadership is what attracted God’s Spirit and made the church powerful. However, in today’s Christian culture, pastors and ministry leaders can become so busy keeping the ministries and churches running, that they have hardly any time left for devotion to prayer and the word. We need a reversal in our thinking. Prayer and Scripture must come first! 

Dear Lord, please interject Yourself into our churches and ministries in America. Give our spiritual shepherds a zealous heart to seek You. Convict them of any ways that they have gotten their priorities upended. They have set their lives apart to serve Your purposes, so let them be effective in that pursuit. Bless the efforts of CU Day and Night to support vocational Christian leaders to return to You with pure hearts. Pour Your Spirit on our leaders. Revive them in Your truth and Spirit for the sake of Your great name. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!

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