Testimonies from the 10-Day Fast

1,000 of us from across the country fasted for ten days and we praise God for His mercy to us. The people of God always pray, fast and repent when they want Him to move in powerful ways, and we need Him more than ever. We need Him to bring revival across America, and I thank God for all who called to Him diligently during the fast. 

A few remarks from some participants of the fast:

"Let me tell you, being hungry reminds me why I’m hungry! Souls for Christ! Lord, give me hunger for souls for You." - David T.

"On the first night [of the fast], I began praying for this family member, [and] they contacted me. It's normative for this family member to contact me once a year, if that, so I knew this was God. They shared they have begun to pray daily ... it's shocking news they pray daily as this person has not attended church regularly, or at all, for 20+ years. Glory to God in the Highest!" - Annette F.

"This was the most difficult fast I have ever participated in ... Through it all, Jesus kept whispering "Keep going." On the afternoon of 1/17 at around 4:30 PST there was total breakthrough. We had won. Energy was back, hunger was totally gone and my back was back to normal. I knew it was a clear message from the Lord that the combined humbling of all the Christians who are called by His name had been heard and He would answer their prayers." - Lynnette H.

Thanks to all!

Blessings in Christ,

Matt Bennett
Founder and CEO
Christian Union Day and Night

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