Group Leader Training

Christian Union Day and Night welcomes you as a Group Leader for The Great Experiment, October 2018. We thank God for your commitment to Him and are praying for you.

Please review the following resources, which will help you successfully facilitate your group.

Timeline for The Great Experiment

  • Complete Group Leader Training (this page) as soon as possible.
  • Recruit your group as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday, September 30. IMPORTANT: Once you’ve recruited your members, submit their names and email addresses here:
  • By Sunday, September 30 at the latest: Set a schedule for your group’s weekly meetings
  • October 1: Begin The Great Experiment. Everyone in your group should be following the "5 Rs of The Great Experiment Commitment."
  • All participants are invited to tune in for weekly video prayer calls. Schedule to be announced.
  • Wednesday, October 31: Last day of The Great Experiment.

Recruiting Your Group

Start recruiting: You are responsible to form your own group. You should start inviting potential members as soon as possible.  

Group make-up: Groups members can consist of anyone you want to invite. Your group could be a church small group you are currently in. They might be people from your church or friends from college or family members.

Group location: Groups work best if you live in the same city/town, but it is possible to lead a group of people who don’t live in the same place. Using various technology can keep the group connected remotely.

How to ask someone to join your group: When you are asking others to join your Great Experiment group, be sure to explain why you are excited about it. The ‘why’ is just as important as the ‘what’ (if not more so). You can encourage them to check out the Great Experiment page so that they can read about it for themselves and watch the videos of the Asbury Revival and the Welsh Revival (see below). The entire Day and Night website is a resource to educate and inspire believers to seek after God for greater works in our land.

Group weekly meeting: Once you establish your group, set up a weekly meeting time that works for everyone. Every member must attend the weekly meetings for maximum benefit. If a group member cannot attend the weekly meetings, reschedule the meeting or that member can wait until the next Great Experiment.

Group communication: Set up a means of communication that works for everyone in the group. You may use text messaging, email, or other apps like Slack. Group communication is important so that group members stay connected with one another throughout the entire month. Members can share up-to-date prayer requests or stories of what God is teaching them and doing through them.

Daily emails: A daily email will be sent to all participants, and will include a recommended Scripture reading and prayer guide for each day as well as a reminder of the five commitments of The Great Experiment. In order for your group members to get the daily emails, you as the group leader must sign them up here: no later than September 30.

All-participant prayer calls: One of the most exciting aspects of The Great Experiment is that Christians from around the nation are seeking God in the same way at the same time. Several times during the month, video prayer calls will be held to encourage, pray and share testimonies with one another. All participants will be invited to view a live stream of the prayer calls at Schedule to be announced.

Training Resources

Watch this video (37:14) about how The Great Experiment was used by God at Asbury College in 1970, particularly from the 31:52 mark.

Watch this video (6:11) about the Welsh Revival. 

Read “Seven Principles of a Seeking God Lifestyle” by Christian Union.


Q: What if someone wants to join The Great Experiment but does not want to lead a group?
A: He/she should find a friend who would be willing to lead a Great Experiment group.

Q: What if I am not able to recruit a group of at least three?
A: If you have prayed and exhausted all of your contacts, you can wait until the next Great Experiment to try to form a group.

Q: Can I incorporate The Great Experiment into my church?
A: Yes, there are no restrictions regarding the affiliation of The Great Experiment as long as each group has a leader. Christian Union Day and Night is a non-denominational Christian ministry serving the entire Body of Christ for the glory of God. You can view our Statement of Faith and Ethics.

Additional Resources

We encourage you to visit our Latest Articles page for many more videos and articles which will strengthen you as you lead others toward the goal of national revival.

God bless you as you embark on this exciting spiritual journey! May God use you as an important part of His work to revive His church and awaken our nation to the glory of Jesus!

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