How to Pray as You Share the Gospel

Evangelist, Reinhart Bonkee said, “Evangelism without intercession is like an explosive without a detonator; intercession without evangelism is like a detonator without an explosive.”...

Evangelism in the Early Church

April 28, 2017 evangelismrobert wilkin

It’s amazing to think how such a small number of Christians could revolutionize an entire non-Christian culture. But that’s exactly what the early Christians...

Pioneer in Prayer

April 28, 2017 prayerrevival

Thousands of individuals have joined our Prayer Movement for the next great work of God in America. What more can you do to draw near to God so that He will draw nearer to us? Watch this three-minute video by Day and Night’s Senior Associate Leader, Dr. Chuck Hetzler, to learn how you can take the next step and become a pioneer for prayer.  

When Should I Share the Gospel?

April 27, 2017 evangelismjohn piper

I want to share the Gospel, but when’s the best time? Take a look at John Piper’s three-minute answer to this question. Then, ask...

Preparing Yourself to Share the Gospel

April 27, 2017 evangelismBill Bright

“Personal preparation is the key to becoming a successful witness.” That’s what Cru founder, Bill Bright, taught. Bright shared the gospel at every opportunity...

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